Optimum bulb enhancement product is based on the principle of increasing the bulbs ability of taking up micro elements easier.

Bulbs require mineral elements for further growth which is obtained from the soil; the elements are not very soluble and are difficult to be taken in by the bulb/root systems.

Two major factors for solubility of micro elements such as zinc, magnesium etc. is the acidity of the soil and the natural components in which the micro elements are carried by.

These carriers are important because the closer these elements are to the bulb in an easy digestible form, like in a solution which has the right acidity and carriers for the micro elements, the faster and better the uptake by the roots emerging from the bulb.

Optimum BULB has combined in a 100% organic supplement a range of natural acids and sugars in order to create this micro environment for the bulbs, this results in a faster germination and a much stronger and larger root system which benefits the plant long after the initial germination.

Due to the special manufacturing process of Optimum BULB Ad Terram managed to create a widely applicable concentrate which is harmless to the bulb but gives the sprouting, growth and root development an enormous boost.

The components of Optimum BULB are: saccharides, vitamin C, several fruit acids and plant oils.

Using Optimum BULB is giving a reliable treatment to your precious bulbs and gives them a head start.