Film coating

A Filmcoat liquid is a layer of pigment which can contain a Biostimulant. Biostimulants strengthens the growth of the seeds and increases the uptake of micro-elements. To apply the filmcoating liquid a binder is needed which is already processed in our Filmcoat liquid. The binders used by Ad Terram are free of intentionally added microplastics.


Encrustment is a thin layer of inert materials which creates a more smoother surface of the seed and increases the weight of the seeds. Precision planting is made possible which results in a more even crop stand. Increasing the possibilities of adding micro-biologicals by mixing these compounds into the encrustment powders enables adding higher volumes of these compounds. Also encrustment can be used to add water retaining powder for dry sowing areas.


Irregular and small shaped seeds can be covered with a layer of inert materials (pelleting) to a more spherical shape of the seeds or to add weight. This contributes to better sow ability of the seeds and more uniformity in seed size.